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Bunny Breeds - Angora Bunny

The Angora rabbit is the smallest of all the Angora breeds. These rabbits usually weigh between 5 and 6 lbs. They have a compact body and a broad, flat head and short ears. They have fur on their ears, their faces (unlike any other Angora), as well as woolly feet.

Dwarf Squirrel Bunny

Bunny Breeds - Dwarf Squirrel Bunny

The Netherland Dwarf is a breed of domestic rabbit that originated in the Netherlands. Weighing 1.1–2.5 pounds (0.50–1.13 kg), the Netherland Dwarf is one of the smallest rabbit breeds. Its popularity as a pet or show rabbit may stem from its neotenic appearance. 

Jersey Woolie

Bunny Breeds - Jersey Woolie Bunnies

The Jersey Wooly rabbit has a compact body size and weighs between 1-3 lbs, making it a dwarf breed. They have small, erect ears that stand about 2-3 inches long. They have a square, bold head, which is why this breed is affectionately known as the “Mug Head.”

Mini Rex

Bunny Breeds - Mini Rex Bunny

The Mini Rex rabbit is a small size breed. Adults ideally weigh between three and 4.5 pounds (1.36 to 2 kilograms), with does being larger than bucks. The Mini Rex has a rounded back with short, straight legs and a short neck. Usually they are evenly proportioned with well developed shoulders and hindquarters.

Netherland Dwarf Bunny

Bunny Breeds - Netherland Dwarf Bunny

The main feature/characteristics of the Netherland Dwarf rabbit is their small size. They have a similar appearance to the Polish rabbit, but they are the smallest of all rabbits. The breed has a small compact body, short neck and a compact broad head with curved profile and a rounded face. … The breed has short fur.

Silver Fox

Bunny Breeds - Silver Fox Bunny

Silver Fox rabbits are large, commercial-type rabbits that weigh anywhere from 9-12 lbs once fully grown, with does usually weighing a pound or two more than bucks. It has a medium-length body with well-fleshed out hindquarters and shoulders

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